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Consumer electronics rule the world. 
7th-Jul-2010 10:36 am
When I typed down this title, it reminded me a blog I read yesterday. A blogger is reading a book named How Google Rules the World. One of his friends saw it, and said: Now we are talking about HOW does it rules the world already instead of WHETHER it can rule the world.

To me, I don't know if Google rules the world, but I know consumer electronics rule my world.

These days I talked with Wanda about buying a new MP4 player for watching video on TV. I was using Wii and XBOX to watch them before but when they can't support high bit rate files well. So when popular video format intends to use high bit rate more, it's harder to watch the latest movie, even anime on TV. The age of high definition needs a specialized player, or I will waste more time on transcoding or adjusting equipment.

Finally I brought a second-hand player from my colleague. He brought it last year, and collected almost all the accessories continually. But all these efforts can't let it escape from the fate of standing idle. When I asked him some matters needing attention of choosing a mp4 player. He said I can have his if I want. He sold for only 100, maybe only equal to the cost of accessories. Although it has some scratches on the screen, it still worth to buy. Its preceded owner said emotionally, it finally found by a good owner.

How many electronics I seldom use? PSP, in these two years it almost became a Patapon specialized player...XBOX360, because is doesn't add mod-chips and the only genuine copy I can borrow is Resident Evil 5. So it also became a specialized console...not to mention household electronics such as juicer, baker, and yogurt maker. Some of them seem necessary, some of them seem novel, but I won't use them frequently. So most of the time, they just stay on somewhere and wait. It's impossible for most people immune to all consumer electronics. "There must be one electronic fits you." Producers said, and that's definitely right. Electronic makes our live easier and more convenient, who can say no to convenient? One hundred years after, I believe no one can imagine a world without electricity, maybe it won't take so long.
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