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A small world 
1st-Jul-2010 05:25 pm
Yesterday I saw a blog recruited editors and part-time translators. I haven't taken any translation task since January. That makes me feel lazy, somehow. So I wrote a short letter to apply and attached my resume, hoping to get a chance. The reply came today. In the email, the relevant official wrote surprisingly. "Lili, Poor Richard, the book you translated before is our book!" Faint. What a coincident. I felt both embarrass and funny. Like who tries to get a mistress, but found out she's lawful wife in the end.

My best friend is coming to Suzhou, trying to find a job around. That's a brave step. I'm so glad she made this choice finally. It's not that easy to start a new live in a unfamiliar city, especially she already work in hometown for four years, has a certain circle of friends. I can't be sure, but I still believe that she definitely qualified for jobs in eastern city. All she needs is a bit of luck. I really look forward to the days we live together!

Into July, the temperature finally reached 36℃. Real summer is coming...
1st-Jul-2010 10:54 am (UTC)
you have translated books? i didn't know that before...
so did they give you a chance? 囧TL
1st-Jul-2010 11:54 pm (UTC)
No "bookS", just one thin book. It will be released this month. In fact this not a good one so I not proud of it..

They said "we'll need to translate some books recently. Don't forget to check your email:)". They always send the translation tasks to every cooperated translator, invite them to give a try.
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