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30th-Jun-2010 12:27 pm
I took lixiaolai's advice to keep reading DailyOpEd everyday. Of course, reading for 2 hours a day is hard to insist persist. I only use spare time during work to read as much as I can. And it replaces the period I used to watch soaps at noon. Usually I don't use computer at home, but if the progress can't satisfy my expectation, I might also study at night.

Yesterday’s reading content was about cellphone recycling. The release of iPhone 4 leads a fever of obsolescence. So people wrote articles about this topic. It reminds me in China, we don’t have a trusted, simple way for recommerce. Though e-commerce is in a ascending period, customers still worried about the huge possibility to buy a fake or renewed machine(翻新机没有找到很合适的翻译,有人知道么). In Japan, second hand market is very popular and assured, its business even influences the sales of products. A developed recommerce market not only give people a cheap, easier way to enjoy the latest technology, but also a good chance to reduce electric garbage, slow down the speed of obsolescence, restrain the consumption. I know it would be too difficult to build an improved recommerce in china I know building an perfect recommerce in China is an unattainable goal, because people are too SMART here and most people only care of price, not the products’ quantity they sole. How can you do business with them?

At last, I have to say writing argumentation argument is really a torture.
30th-Jun-2010 07:40 am (UTC)
Good work.

1. recommerce = re-commerce?
2. renewed: according to amazon.com, used and refurbished?
3. Argumentation? According to GRE, it is called argument.

30th-Jun-2010 07:47 am (UTC)
Thank you for revising:D

1. I think so. According the article, the company use recommerce. I think that might be a personal preference.

2. Yes.

3. No wonder I felt strange about this word.XD
10th-Jul-2010 04:07 pm (UTC) - a tiny suggestion
In the second sentence, you'd use "persist", rather than "insist“.
11th-Jul-2010 08:47 am (UTC) - Re: a tiny suggestion
我来围观一下= =
11th-Jul-2010 09:12 am (UTC) - Re: a tiny suggestion
Thank you for your advice:D
11th-Jul-2010 08:38 am (UTC)
At least taobao is building the trust/credit between the buyer and seller. But still... it takes time.
11th-Jul-2010 09:21 am (UTC)
Currently the credits on Taobao still not completely reliable, and recommerce needs a stricter credit rule, I think. At least I won't buy expensive second-hand stuff on Taobao.

This is just so hard to build a trustworthy system in such a society...
11th-Jul-2010 11:01 am (UTC)
Then we need to work on it.
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