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July 13th, 2010 
11:55 am - A new step
Lately I determined to spend more time on worthwhile things. After successfully applied an ideal job, I feel more confident indeed. Although I clearly know a person cannot be valued by his/her job, I still need a good job to prove my ability to myself. That's not right, my brain said, but my heart loves this feeling yet. Anyway, it's no shame to admit one needs approval, only if I can balance my heart in adversity.

For this purpose, I applied for the writer of TEDtoChina.com and passed the trail writing. I will try to make it a long-term commitment. I believe sharing inspiring ideas with others would be an inspiring job, too. For myself, I can also learn a lot during the writing. The background of the speaker, the fascinating thing they have done, the art they created...those outstanding teammates might teach me something as well. I think it will be a funny and meaningful experience.
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