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13th-Jul-2010 11:55 am - A new step
Lately I determined to spend more time on worthwhile things. After successfully applied an ideal job, I feel more confident indeed. Although I clearly know a person cannot be valued by his/her job, I still need a good job to prove my ability to myself. That's not right, my brain said, but my heart loves this feeling yet. Anyway, it's no shame to admit one needs approval, only if I can balance my heart in adversity.

For this purpose, I applied for the writer of TEDtoChina.com and passed the trail writing. I will try to make it a long-term commitment. I believe sharing inspiring ideas with others would be an inspiring job, too. For myself, I can also learn a lot during the writing. The background of the speaker, the fascinating thing they have done, the art they created...those outstanding teammates might teach me something as well. I think it will be a funny and meaningful experience.
10th-Jul-2010 10:12 pm(no subject)
Living with Xingxing improves my dietary humongously. She's a good cook and very helpful. Although we barely have any time to talk with each other during the day, the first time we live together still worth to be remembered. She cooks noodles for me every morning. To a jobless person, keep waking up at 7:30 for someone else is not easy. I really appreciate it, especially I'm not sure if I can do the same thing for others.

She came here for ten days already. Her appearance really delights my life. Girl friend is entirely different from boys. Things we can share, feeling we have, topics we like to talk, everything is different. Especially we have been friends more than 10 years. The connection between us can never be replaced. We both know after moving to Shanghai, there only has small probability to keep living together. That makes recent days more precious.

I began writing English blog for nearly 2 weeks. Now my reading is speeding up obviously, but I still can't get used to write in English. I might think in English or translation other's talking from Chinese to English automatically. But every time when I'm going to write an English diary, my think way will switch back to Chinese. Every sentence in my brain is Chinese. It really upset me, but I will persistence.
7th-Jul-2010 10:36 am - Consumer electronics rule the world.
When I typed down this title, it reminded me a blog I read yesterday. A blogger is reading a book named How Google Rules the World. One of his friends saw it, and said: Now we are talking about HOW does it rules the world already instead of WHETHER it can rule the world.

To me, I don't know if Google rules the world, but I know consumer electronics rule my world.

These days I talked with Wanda about buying a new MP4 player for watching video on TV. I was using Wii and XBOX to watch them before but when they can't support high bit rate files well. So when popular video format intends to use high bit rate more, it's harder to watch the latest movie, even anime on TV. The age of high definition needs a specialized player, or I will waste more time on transcoding or adjusting equipment.

Finally I brought a second-hand player from my colleague. He brought it last year, and collected almost all the accessories continually. But all these efforts can't let it escape from the fate of standing idle. When I asked him some matters needing attention of choosing a mp4 player. He said I can have his if I want. He sold for only 100, maybe only equal to the cost of accessories. Although it has some scratches on the screen, it still worth to buy. Its preceded owner said emotionally, it finally found by a good owner.

How many electronics I seldom use? PSP, in these two years it almost became a Patapon specialized player...XBOX360, because is doesn't add mod-chips and the only genuine copy I can borrow is Resident Evil 5. So it also became a specialized console...not to mention household electronics such as juicer, baker, and yogurt maker. Some of them seem necessary, some of them seem novel, but I won't use them frequently. So most of the time, they just stay on somewhere and wait. It's impossible for most people immune to all consumer electronics. "There must be one electronic fits you." Producers said, and that's definitely right. Electronic makes our live easier and more convenient, who can say no to convenient? One hundred years after, I believe no one can imagine a world without electricity, maybe it won't take so long.
5th-Jul-2010 05:50 pm - I don't know what to say
I was planning to write a blog about Super Mario Galaxy 2. I just read a review of this game at GameSpot. But at last minute I read Bonnie's latest update and feel so sad. The article is here: http://bulaoge.net/topic.blg?dmn=bonnie&tid=1666806

She post the link of this documentary in the reply, but I have no courage to watch. I know life is unfair, but I can't stop hating the feeling of powerless. I don't know in English is there any similar saying like "Word is pale in the front of reality." All I know is I don't know what to say.

Where will this country go?
3rd-Jul-2010 08:53 pm - The curse of Nike
In the Europe Cup 2008, all the teams I supported went out one by one. I posted three blogs to record this tragedy. But this time in World Cup, it happened again. Whether some teams I like for years, nor some teams I just picked randomly to support. No one can escape from the curse. I find it both funny and annoying. I'm so lucky just as Nike's new advertisement "Write the future". Every player attended this ad was out of luck. Teams they belonged fell down one by one. Though Dunga was wise for hadn't selected Ronaldinho into the Brazile team, the effect still works. Brazil was beaten by Netherland yesterday.

Tonight, Spain will fight with Paraguay. It seems won't be a tough task, but after three players of Spain were performed in Write the Future. It's hard to predict who will be the winner.
2nd-Jul-2010 01:18 pm - History repeats itself
This practice really works, though I only keep on three days. I know I made a lot stupid mistakes, but I still can feel my mind is turning to English thinking mode gradually. Moving on! I can make it!

Today I want to talk about the new High Speed Rails system, which starts operation yesterday. Though this service aimed to shorten the time spent on travelling, it also seems bring it also seems to bring more income for railway. If Suzhou to Nanjing’s ticket price rose rising from 67 to 105 is because it halved the travel time, then why did the ticket price of Suzhou to Shanghai also rose the price from 26 to 41? In this distance, the travel time is almost the same as before, but passengers have to pay more than 50% of the former price to buy a ticket.

In my opinion, railway system is one part of infrastructure, and can’t be replaced by any transportation. To promote High-Speed Rails, government cut off most of stopping trains, express, ( which already left a few after running CRH) even CRH which only have been put into use for three years. That increases people’s travel cost inevitably. Not all the people want to spend more money to save time, especially it’s not a small money amount. In my office, I heard my colleagues talked about a new word “to be high-speeded”. I can’t help to recall things happened three years ago, when CRH put into use, we had a similar dispute. I still remember I reposted an article discussed this topic from Nanfang Weekly, which already deleted from its official website. Last time I thought I can afford the price of CRH so I said nothing, but now? Will it get worse afterwards?
1st-Jul-2010 05:25 pm - A small world
Yesterday I saw a blog recruited editors and part-time translators. I haven't taken any translation task since January. That makes me feel lazy, somehow. So I wrote a short letter to apply and attached my resume, hoping to get a chance. The reply came today. In the email, the relevant official wrote surprisingly. "Lili, Poor Richard, the book you translated before is our book!" Faint. What a coincident. I felt both embarrass and funny. Like who tries to get a mistress, but found out she's lawful wife in the end.

My best friend is coming to Suzhou, trying to find a job around. That's a brave step. I'm so glad she made this choice finally. It's not that easy to start a new live in a unfamiliar city, especially she already work in hometown for four years, has a certain circle of friends. I can't be sure, but I still believe that she definitely qualified for jobs in eastern city. All she needs is a bit of luck. I really look forward to the days we live together!

Into July, the temperature finally reached 36℃. Real summer is coming...
30th-Jun-2010 12:27 pm - Go on
I took lixiaolai's advice to keep reading DailyOpEd everyday. Of course, reading for 2 hours a day is hard to insist persist. I only use spare time during work to read as much as I can. And it replaces the period I used to watch soaps at noon. Usually I don't use computer at home, but if the progress can't satisfy my expectation, I might also study at night.

Yesterday’s reading content was about cellphone recycling. The release of iPhone 4 leads a fever of obsolescence. So people wrote articles about this topic. It reminds me in China, we don’t have a trusted, simple way for recommerce. Though e-commerce is in a ascending period, customers still worried about the huge possibility to buy a fake or renewed machine(翻新机没有找到很合适的翻译,有人知道么). In Japan, second hand market is very popular and assured, its business even influences the sales of products. A developed recommerce market not only give people a cheap, easier way to enjoy the latest technology, but also a good chance to reduce electric garbage, slow down the speed of obsolescence, restrain the consumption. I know it would be too difficult to build an improved recommerce in china I know building an perfect recommerce in China is an unattainable goal, because people are too SMART here and most people only care of price, not the products’ quantity they sole. How can you do business with them?

At last, I have to say writing argumentation argument is really a torture.
25th-Jun-2010 08:35 pm - Writer's Block: King of Pop
Which Michael Jackson album, if any, has influenced you the most?
Number Ones.
29th-Apr-2010 04:29 pm - 最后一次的搬家


LJ估计是不会再用了,虽然可惜浪费了cc送给我一年的paid accountTAT,但是独立博客才有型嘛-_,-


2nd-Apr-2010 05:30 pm - 一小时还是一辈子







29th-Mar-2010 01:54 pm - 生日快乐,D90

Lili@2010_005,原由 lilimarleen 上載。

到3月28日,我的Nikon D90就入手1年了。

这段时间里,我一共拍了6598张相片(含少量视频)。回头看一年前拍的相片,并没有看出自己有多大进步。我仍然苦于思考方向,仍然对PS不着章法,但是在看不见的地方,却切实地、一步一个脚印地进步着。借助这台相机,我终于构造起对摄影的基本框架,了解镜头的数字究竟有什么含义,对焦距有了体会,知道了曝光的重要性,会使用微距接环,开始接触RAM、Camera Ram,了解各种滤镜的功能……算起来从04年底拥有自己的数码相机开始,我也算断断续续的拍了5年照,这些本来是一开始拍照就应该弄懂的,只是因为一直偷懒所以没去注意,还美其名曰“不重视器材”。现在终于知道,再不重视器材,也要会根据拍摄对象选择正确的焦段,正确的曝光指数。这些都是基本功,不了解玩玩可以,要进阶总是会碰到瓶颈的。基础之所以为基础,便是因为无论如何也不可能绕开啊。



直到现在我还偶尔翻看D90的说明书,时不时还能发现个别有用的功能,让人惊喜。The more you know it, the more you love it.这就是一台这样的相机。



Nikkor 50mm 1.8/F:700元(UV镜180元)
Kenko 偏振镜(67mm):210元

23rd-Mar-2010 12:52 pm - LJ的404页面

还蛮有趣的= =
23rd-Mar-2010 11:11 am - WordPress学习笔记<1>


█禁用自动保存Collapse )█将Blogbus搬到WordPressCollapse )
今天由于想要用OS X来处理相片,因此重新进入了这个系统⋯⋯结果悲哀的发现对于OS X的一切我几乎已经完。全。都。不。记。得。了。虽说自从安了Win7就完全抛弃OS X是我不对,但半年就忘了个精光也太夸张了吧!悲痛把知识都还给JSR老师之余,俺也发誓要从头学起,绝不半途而废,因此开始做笔记。再基础也好,反正是给我自己看的。







另外我发现DropBox在Mac中基本沒有用,因为我在DropBox中存储的大量文件都是需要基于Windows运行的,因此除非我再建立一个账号,用来自己共享txt之类的文本,否则没有必要在OS X中同步DropBox。目前我选择了不安装。(反正我可以从硬盘里面直接调用Win7的文件夹内容)

Firefox的OS X版Skin真美丽T_T
18th-Mar-2010 12:57 pm - 我爱草莓



17th-Mar-2010 06:17 pm - 近日折腾成果
自从Firefox升级到3.6以后,就没有办法使用我心爱的扩展Hide Caption Titlebar Plus (Smart)了(因此家里的电脑我压根就没给它自动升级)。但习惯了之前的浏览模式,又实在无法忍耐标题栏的存在(fx强迫症养成中)。于是搜了一下,找到了Hide Chrome这个扩展,一样可以隐藏标题栏,然后将最小化和退出以按钮形式放于右上角。平心而论比起Hide Caption Titlebar Plus (Smart)还是差距蛮大,因为弹出小窗口就没有关闭键了,得在菜单栏里右键点关闭……当然不是什么很大的问题。撑着好了。



另外还开始用Diigo。一开始只是为了在网页上做笔记而找扩展,结果看到有人回复说这个可以集DeliciousRead it laterTaboo)、笔记、分享等功能为一体,本地化也做得不错,打算好好折腾一下。如果顺利的话,我就弃用Delicious——当然Diigo可以自动同步到Delicious,做个备份还是不错的——如果本地化整合得满意可以连本地书签都不要。只是密码保存还是要靠Xmarks进行同步,也正好,打算找个时间把Xmarks改成用自己的服务器同步,这样就不用挂代理了。



11th-Mar-2010 04:47 pm - 在云端






我并不擅长去分辨这种一脸正经说出来的话是玩笑还是真的,于是就使劲抱着她(在确定身边的是Saga以后,保证没有抱错人),她终于承认(?)知道是我,从口袋里掏出一个山寨Love Love兔的钥匙扣,说是礼物。


人到齐了以后我们就撑着伞跑到附近的川菜馆去吃饭了,女儿带去的菜馆总是很不错,连川妹子和重庆妹子都赞口不绝,那就是真的好了。席间聊了很多,虽然已经认识了八年,但和网上的她感觉还是差别很大。话很多VS惜字如金,热爱吐槽VS冰山美人,老实说……很不习惯= =|||||||||。自认也算是伶牙俐齿经常把别人堵得说不出话,面对她强劲的吐槽却毫无还手之力的被轰至渣,老实说甚至有恶梦的感觉orz。当然后来慢慢的……稍微习惯,啊应该说是,麻木了……




吃完以后,人多又不想唱K,其实主要是煌煌因为什么我不记得的原因嗓子沙哑,没法唱歌(不然她一定是麦霸吧……),于是便找地方想三国杀。但人民广场附近都是寸土寸金,必胜客之类的都是不许打牌的,女儿几经周折,终于带我们在福州路附近找到了一家桌游吧。一人35,无限续杯。其实也不算太贵。不过下着雨,走过去鞋子都湿透了,真是天公不作美啊……到了桌游吧,非法和煌煌都不会,于是大家便对她们进行培训。煌煌不愧是个聪明人,学得飞快,很快便运用自如(兼又可以吐槽我了),给我留下了非常深刻的印象。Saga每次都被杀……煌煌经常大喊一声“我要杀你!”,然后大家便万箭齐发将其剿死(不管他身份如何),真是个大杯具……后来他索性掏出了可爱的GBM,开始玩烈火之剑= =

当时再一次吃到了怀念许久的松露巧克力~特地让她带回来的,后来上海众也纷纷表示想吃,最后便带了一大盒。结果在北京却放在了有暖气的房间里,不幸融化了……又结起来了。巧克力被这么一折腾是要大打折扣的,因此和以前是没办法比的啦,不过毕竟也是回忆,开心的拿了一点回去(还被呵斥:怎么拿这么多!= =||||||)。后来舍不得吃还带回家里给了父母,老妈非常喜欢,说从来没吃过那么好吃的巧克力,下次买点没化过的给她吃~



到了火车站,我给她发了短信,但她并没有收到。内容写的是:Arrived the station,……(中间忘记了)……I love you.

1st-Mar-2010 11:05 pm - 最后一篇文章总算交了!



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